Athéna Tsingarida, Irene S. Lemos

Beyond the Polis. Rituals, Rites and Cults in Early and Archaic Greece (12th-6th centuries BC)

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    Edité par Athéna Tsingarida
    Edité par Irene S. Lemos
    Editeur ULB - Universite Libre de Bruxelles
    Diffuseur Editions de Boccard

    This peer reviewed volume presents the proceedings of the international conference that took place in Brussels in 2015 and the sequel to the publication of the research that resulted from a three-year joint project between the University of Oxford and the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB). The volume offers complementary approaches, both thematic and geographic, to the study of Early Greek ritual practices and expands into other areas, contexts, and materials the research undertaken in the volume Constructing Social Identities in Early Iron Age and Archaic Greece edited by Athena Tsingarida and Irene Lemos in 2017. The volume includes papers on theoretical approaches to the study of rituals, case studies from a number of regions and sites, and finally papers on the contribution of bio-archaeological research to our understanding of ritual practices in ancient Greece

    ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS 7 Irene Lemos & Athena Tsingarida INTRODUCTION PROCEEDINGS 9 Irene Lemos & Athena Tsingarida I. THEORITICAL CONSIDERATIONS ON RITUAL PRACTICES 15 Rituals in Context. Scales and Horizons of Interpretation of Cult Places in Early Greece 17 François de Polignac The Role of Sanctuaries and the Formation of Greek Identities in the Late Bronze Age / Early Iron Age Transition 25 Birgitta Eder Entangled Religion, Ritual and Social Practice: the Case of Karphi 53 Mathew Haysom II. REGIONAL CASES I: CENTRAL GREECE AND THE PELOPONNESE 65 Dedicatory Dialogues in North‑Central Greece: Pherai and Philia in Broader Context 67 Maria Mili The “Ritual Zone” on Xeropolis at Lefkandi: Some Preliminary Thoughts 75 Irene S. Lemos Terracotta Figurines from the “Ritual Zone” at Xeropolis‑Lefkandi: Constructing a Methodology 91 Caroline Thurston Invention of Tradition in Cult and Myth at Eleusis 99 Floris van den Eijden Dining with the Ancestors: the Late Archaic‑Classical Westkomplex in Aegina‑Kolonna 115 Gudrun Klebinder‑Gauss Enduring Rituals in the Arcadian Mountains: the Case of the Sanctuary of Zeus at Mt. Lykaion 133 Mary Voyatzis III. REGIONAL CASES II: THE AEGEAN AND WESTERN GREECE 147 Artemis Beyond the Polis of Thasos: the Cult of the Goddess in the Archaic North‑Eastern Aegean 149 Ioannis (Yangos) Chalazonitis Ritual Practices in Abandoned Settlements in the Cyclades from the 12th to the 6th Century BC: Human Mobility and its Impact on Ritual Practices 171 Irène Sanchez Geometric Despotiko: on the Borderline between Sacred and Profane 193 Alexandra Alexandridou No more Gap, but New Social Practices: Evidence of Collective Funerary Rituals in Itanos during the 6th and 5th Centuries BC 213 Athena Tsingarida & Didier Viviers Funerary Practices and the Formation of the Polis at Megara Hyblaea 8th‑6th centuries BC 247 Reine-Marie Bérard IV. BIOARCHAEOLOGICAL APPROACHES TO RITUAL PRACTICES 259 Ritualizing the sea: aspects of ritual activities related to the sea in the Aegean from the 12th century to the 6th century BC 261 Tatiana Theodoropoulou A preliminary examination of Lefkandi’s “ritual” area from a zooarchaeological perspective 273 Alex Mulhall An exploration of the social role of plants in rituals in prehistoric Aegean with reference to the site of Xeropolis, Lefkandi, Euboea 289 Alexandra Livarda & Georgia Kotzamani CONTRIBUTORS 303

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