Talmiz Ahmad, Degang Sun, Tim Niblock

The gulf states, asia and the indian ocean: ensuring the security of the sea lanes

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    Edité par Talmiz Ahmad
    Edité par Degang Sun
    Edité par Tim Niblock
    Editeur Gerlach Press, Gerlach Press
    Distributeur Association de Boccard

    Among the many strategic and economic issues facing the Gulf in the coming years, those relating to the Indian Ocean are set to be among the most challenging. In the re-ordering of global economic and political power which is currently underway, the Indian Ocean constitutes a key arena for regional and global competition and rivalry. With the leading Asian powers playing a more pro-active role in the region, sometimes with conflicting ambitions, and the United States intent on maintaining its established maritime hegemony there, the potential dangers for the Gulf states are considerable. Gulf economic interests and perhaps regime stability would be severely affected by conflict. This book contends that the Gulf states need to play an active part in the promotion of Indian Ocean stability and security, working with other Indian Ocean states to develop institutional structures and practices which encourage cooperation and provide avenues for conflict resolution. They have everything to gain from such a strategy. This volume is based on a workshop held at the Gulf Research Meeting organized by the Gulf Research Center Cambridge in summer 2017.

    Contents Introduction 1 Tim Niblock 1 Situating the Gulf in the Changing Dynamics of the Indian Ocean Region 5 Tim Niblock 2 Integrating the GCC Countries and Iran in a New Indian Ocean Economic and Security Architecture: an Indian Diplomatic Initiative 33 Talmiz Ahmad 3 Between Geoeconomics and Geopolitics: China’s Participation in the Seaport Constructions in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf 71 Degang Sun 4 Securing Energy from the Gulf amid Geopolitical Strife: Japan, South Korea and the GCC 93 June Park and Emma Ashford 5 Iran and the Indian Ocean 115 Erzsébet N. Rózsa 6 Saudi-Iranian Confrontation as a Challenge for Russian Diplomacy towards the Indian Ocean Region 135 Nikolay Kozhanov 7 GCC-ASEAN Cooperation: Forging Links Between Two Indian Ocean Security Communities 155 Song Niu 8 The Indian Ocean Rim Association (IOR): Achievement, Potential and Limitations 169 Shu Meng About the Contributors 185

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    Date de parution 2018-06-28
    Nbr Pages Arabes 200
    Collection Hors collection Gerlach Press
    ISBN 13 978-39-599-4058-0
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