John Kak S.

Tennessee Williams and Europe

Intercultural Encounters, Transatlantic Exchanges

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    Edité par John Kak S.
    Editeur Rodopi - Brill
    Distributeur Editions de Boccard

    Tennessee Williams and Europe: Intercultural Encounters, Transatlantic Exchanges documents the bi-directional exchange of ideas and images between Williams and post-war Europe that have altered the artistic landscapes of both continents. Fifteen Williams scholars from around the world examine this artistic symbiosis and explore avenues of research mostly uncharted in Williams scholarship to date, including our understanding of the early Williams and the uses he made of various European sources in his theatre; the late Williams and the promise European theatre afforded him with his experimental plays; and the posthumous Williams and his influence on late twentieth- and early twenty-first-century European theatre and cinema. To some extent both a product of and a muse for Europe over the last half century, Williams is well positioned to become America’s most famous playwright on the international stage. This book hopes to mark the beginnings of Williams’ rich critical tradition within that global context.

    Contents Illustrations Ackowledgments Thomas Keith: Foreword John S. Bak: Introduction Part One: Tennessee Williams and Europe Felicia Hardison Londré: En avant! Tennessee Williams between Hyperborea and the Mediterranean James M. DelPrince: “Violets & Carnations Sold on every Corner”: Tennessee Williams, Europe and Flowers Henry I. Schvey: “Lightning in a Cloud”: Tennessee Williams’ Theatrical Expressionism Richard Hayes: Sergei Eisenstein, Hollywood and Tennessee Williams’ “Plastic Theatre” R. Barton Palmer: The View from Here and Abroad: Tennessee Williams and 1950s Hollywood Cinema Part Two: Tennessee Williams and Europe’s Intercultural Encounters Dirk Gindt: Williams and Bergman, Lust and Death: Culturally Translating A Streetcar Named Desire in Post-war Sweden Alessandro Clericuzio: Tennessee Williams’ Ladies Speak Italian: Cinematic Voices on Stage and in Dubbing Laura Torres-Zúñiga: Sea, Sun and “Quien Sabe!”: Tennessee Williams and Spain Ramón Espejo Romero: Tennessee Williams in Spain: The Early Years (1945-1957) Kornelia Slavova: Tennessee Williams on the Bulgarian Stage: Cold War Politics and Politics of Reception Part Three: Tennessee Williams and Europe’s Transatlantic Exchanges David Savran: The Kindness of Strangers?: Tennessee Williams in France and Germany Michael Paller: Their Date with Each Other from the Beginning: Tennessee Williams and Harold Pinter Johan Callens: Tennessee Williams and Ivo van Hove at Home Abroad Xavier Lemoine: Un Tramway: Warlikowski’s Desire to Reignite American Theatre in Europe Michael S. D. Hooper: Pedro Almodóvar’s “Homage” to Tennessee Williams Notes on Contributors Index

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