Democratic experimentalism

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    Editeur du volume Brian E. Butler
    Editeur Rodopi - Brill
    Distributeur Association de Boccard

    This volume focuses on democratic experimentalism, gathering a collection of original and previously unpublished essays focusing upon its major outlines, as well as specific aspects – both promising and troublesome - of this theoretical approach. Together these essays offer conceptions of democracy and democratic governance that emphasize and highlight experimentalist aspects of pragmatic thought, particularly Deweyan pragmatism, and its relationship to instantiation in concrete social and political institutions. Issues of democratic governance, political organization and the relationship of law to democracy are analyzed.

    Contents Brian E. Butler: Guest Editor’s Introduction William H. Simon: The Institutional Configuration of Deweyan Democracy Charles Sabel: Dewey, Democracy, and Democratic Experimentalism Gregory Fernando Pappas: What would John Dewey say about Deliberative Democracy and Democratic Experimentalism? Barry Allen: Experiments in Democracy Shane J. Ralston: Dewey and Hayek on Democratic Experimentalism Michael A. Wilkinson: Dewey’s ‘Democracy without Politics’: On the Failures of Liberalism and the Frustrations of Experimentalism Amy J. Cohen: Producing Publics: Dewey, Democratic Experimentalism, and the Idea of Communication Chris Ansell: What is a “Democratic Experiment”? Justin Desautels-Stein: Experimental Pragmatism in the Third Globalization Jamison E. Colburn: Reasons as Experiments: Judgment and Justification in the “Hard Look” Brian E. Butler: Law as a Democratic Means: The Pragmatic Jurisprudence of Democratic Experimentalism Mark Tushnet: Reflections on Democratic Experimentalism in the Progressive Tradition Michael C. Dorf: Could the Occupy Movement Become the Realization of Democratic Experimentalism’s Aspiration for Pragmatic Politics? James Bohman: Democratic Experimentalism: From Self-Legislation to Self-Determination Lenart Škof: On Democratic Experimentalism: Toward a Culture of Love and Non-Violence Keya Maitra: Ambedkar and the Constitution of India: A Deweyan Experiment

    Livre Broché
    Date de parution 2012-01-01
    Nbr Pages Arabes 322
    Collection Contemporary Pragmatism
    ISBN 13 978-90-420-3660-4
    Type Nom