After Darwin

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    ‘What is emotion?’ pondered the young Charles Darwin in his notebooks. How were the emotions to be placed in an evolutionary framework? And what light might they shed on human-animal continuities? These were among the questions Darwin explored in his research, assisted both by an acute sense of observation and an extraordinary capacity for fellow feeling, not only with humans but with all animal life. After Darwin: Animals, Emotions, and the Mind explores questions of mind, emotion and the moral sense which Darwin opened up through his research on the physical expression of emotions and the human–animal relation. It also examines the extent to which Darwin’s ideas were taken up by Victorian writers and popular culture, from George Eliot to the Daily News. Bringing together scholars from biology, literature, history, psychology, psychiatry and paediatrics, the volume provides an invaluable reassessment of Darwin’s contribution to a new understanding of the moral sense and emotional life, and considers the urgent scientific and ethical implications of his ideas today.

    Contents Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors List of Illustrations Angelique Richardson: Introduction: Darwin and Interdisciplinarity: A Historical Perspective Jane Spencer: ‘Love and Hatred are Common to the Whole Sensitive Creation’: Animal Feeling in the Century before Darwin Angelique Richardson: ‘The Book of The Season’: The Conception and Reception of Darwin’s Expression Gillian Beer: The Backbone Shiver: Darwin and the Arts Paul White: Becoming an Animal: Darwin and the Evolution of Sympathy Angelique Richardson: George Eliot, G.H. Lewes, and Darwin: Animals, Emotions, and Morals David Amigoni: Between Medicine and Evolutionary Theory: Sympathy and Other Emotional Investments in Life Writings by and about Charles Darwin Monika Pietrzak-Franger: From Entangled Vision to Ethical Engagement: Darwin, Affect, and Contemporary Exhibition Projects L.S. Jacyna: Reckoning with the Emotions: Neurological Responses to the Theory of Evolution, 1870-1930 Rhodri Hayward: Darwin’s Changing Expression and the Making of the Modern State Harriet Ritvo: Calling the Wild: Selection, Domestication, and Species Michael Lewis: The Development of Emotional Life Marc Bekoff: Afterword: The Emotional and Moral Lives of Animals: What Darwin Would Have Said Index

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    Collection Clio Medica/The Wellcome Series in the History of Medicine
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