Katarzyna Liszka, Leszek Koczanowicz

Beauty, Responsibility, and Power

Ethical and Political Consequences of Pragmatist Aesthetics

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    Edité par Katarzyna Liszka
    Edité par Leszek Koczanowicz
    Editeur Rodopi - Brill
    Distributeur Editions de Boccard

    This book addresses the interrelations between aesthetics, ethics, and politics in the framework of pragmatist aesthetics, offering a comprehensive panorama of the ways and fields in which pragmatist aesthetics ties in with vital social and ethical problems of modernity. Most of the contributors refer to the model propounded by Richard Shusterman. Following in Dewey’s footsteps, Shusterman has elaborated and expanded his concept, adding new dimensions to it. The most important supplement is the idea of aesthetic experience being constituted by our bodiliness. In somaesthetics , pragmatism has acquired a new dimension – a fully developed, comprehensive aesthetic theory. Pragmatist aesthetics with its essential notion of the body engages in critical dialogue with many key concepts of modernity which locate the body in social and cultural frameworks. The articles collected in this volume illustrate the complex range of pragmatist aesthetics and its impact on the understanding of crucial issues in social and moral philosophy.

    Contents Leszek Koczanowiczand Katarzyna Liszka: Beauty and Action Part One: Politics, Community, and the City , Richard Shusterman: Somaesthetics and Politics: Incorporating Pragmatist Aesthetics for Social Action Leszek Koczanowicz: Embodied Communities Adam Chmielewski: Ostentation and Agoraphobia in the City Part Two: Aesthetic Experience , Sami Pihlström: “Anything Goes” vs. “Who Touches this Book Touches a Man”: William James and Paul Feyerabend on Metaphysical, Ethical, and Aesthetic “Abundance” David Schauffler: Aesthetics as Duty or Aesthetics as Faith: Notes on Richard Shusterman’s Pragmatist Aesthetics , with Reference to Adorno and Castoriadis Part Three: Ethics, Humanism, and Social Hope , Rosa M. Calcaterra: The Linguistic World: Rorty’s Aesthetic Meliorism Katarzyna Liszka: The Concept of Man in the Shadow of the Shoah: Geras, Rorty and Shusterman in Dialogue John Ryder: Experience and Judgment: Political and Aesthetic Robert Dobrowolski: Somaesthetic Encounter with Oneself and the Other Part Four: Art of Living and Life Politics , Emil Višňovský: Making the Pragmatist Art of Living Explicit Michael Rings: The Aesthetic Cosmopolitan from a Neo-Pragmatist Perspective: Themes and Challenges in Shusterman Hans-Peter Krüger: Philosophical Anthropology in Life Politics of Today About the Contributors Index

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    Date de parution 2014-10-01
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    Collection Value Inquiry Book Series
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