Paul Richard Blum

Giordano Bruno

An Introduction

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    Auteur Paul Richard Blum
    Editeur Rodopi - Brill
    Distributeur Association de Boccard

    Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) was a philosopher in his own right. However, he was famous through the centuries due to his execution as a heretic. His pronouncements against teachings of the Catholic Church, his defence of the cosmology of Nicholas Copernicus, and his provocative personality, all this made him a paradigmatic figure of modernity. Bruno’s way of philosophizing is not looking for outright solutions but rather for the depth of the problems; he knows his predecessors and their strategies as well as their weaknesses, which he exposes satirically. This introduction helps to identify the original thought of Bruno who proudly said about himself: “Philosophy is my profession!” His major achievements concern the creativity of the human mind studied through the theory of memory, the infinity of the world, and the discovery of atomism for modernity. He never held a permanent office within or without the academic world. Therefore, the way of thinking of this “Knight Errant of Philosophy” will be presented along the stations of his journey through Western Europe.

    Table of contents Editorial Foreword Foreword Acknowledgement Pleasant Campania: Education Before and In the Convent Fleeing into Exile—Northern Italy, Geneva, Toulouse: Astronomy as a Means of Earning a Living Paris: The Power of Memory Off to London: Satire, Metaphysics, and Ethics in Italian God Is Not Idle: Infinite Possibilities and Infinite Reality Religion and Ethics for the People and the Hero Return to Paris: Challenging Mathematics and Aristotelianism “Houses of Wisdom” in Germany: History, Magic, and Atomism Off to Venice: The Trial of the Heretic Afterlife: From Heretic to Hermeticist Chronology Select Bibliography About the Author Index

    "The author is a distinguished historian of philosophy, who contributed to the Bruno Studies with outstanding works … the reader is presented with a well-balanced account of Bruno’s bio-bibliography and a dynamic overview of his ideas in their development … a very useful introduction to Bruno’s philosophy" – in: Metascience, July 2013 "[Giordano Bruno] had the misfortune to live in an era of conflict between Catholics and Protestants. Unwilling to keep silent, and unable to fit his beliefs to the acceptable party line of either side, he stayed mostly in motion. Blum’s book works hard to keep up with him. It will be of most use to students and specialist scholarly readers in the history of philosophy." – in: Reference and Research Book News 27/6 (December 2012)

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