Christoph Singer

Sea Change

The Shore from Shakespeare to Banville

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    Auteur Christoph Singer
    Editeur Rodopi - Brill
    Distributeur Association de Boccard

    The shore defies definition. The shore deconstructs and rebuilds, is the beginning or end of a journey, initiates or stops mobility. Here survivors of shipwrecks, like Robinson Crusoe, escape their death; and the weary and tired, like Max Morden, wade back into the womb of nature. The shore is transformation spatialized. Still the coast as literary setting is more than a decorative space. Its utopian/dystopian nature, its liminality and ambiguity invite transgressions of various kinds, which undermine any notion of stable and fixed borders and boundaries. As an in-between the littoral is liminal, a third space that contests and deconstructs epistemic certainties. This study illustrates this paradigmatic nature of shorelines from William Shakespeare’s The Tempest to John Banville’s The Sea.

    Acknowledgements 1. Transformative Shores – An Introduction 2. Ambiguity 3. Liminality 4. Transgression 5. Conclusion: Epistemic Anxieties Works Cited Index

    Christoph Singer teaches English Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of Paderborn, Germany.

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    Date de parution 2014-12-12
    Nbr Pages Arabes 306
    Collection Spatial Practices: An Interdisciplinary Series in Cultural History, Geography and Literature
    ISBN 13 978-90-420-3904-9
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