Andreea Paris, Irimia

Literature and the Long Modernity

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    Edité par Andreea Paris
    Edité par Irimia
    Editeur Rodopi - Brill
    Distributeur Association de Boccard

    Focusing on the so far insufficiently considered concept of long modernity, this volume brings together contributions by leading European and American scholars in the fields of Literature, Cultural Studies, Intellectual and Cultural History. Behind it are research, debates and academic events organized by the Centre of Excellence for the Study of Cultural Identity, University of Bucharest, on modernity as a Western project. The book distinguishes phases in its unfolding, from the early, via the classic and high to the late modern period. Each chapter reveals a marked interdisciplinary approach to the various aspects of this century-old process. The theoretical introduction provides the conceptual scaffolding further fleshed out by individual chapters and case studies meant as illustrations. Staff and students interested in cultural identity are expected to find this collection useful and relevant.

    Table of Contents 1. Mihaela Irimia (University of Bucharest): Why the Long Modernity 2. C.W.R.D. Moseley (University of Cambridge): Forging the Key of Remembrance: Books, Cultures and Memory 3. Madalina Nicolaescu (University of Bucharest): Mediating Between East and West in Nineteenth-Century Romanian Translations of Shakespeare 4. Stefan Herbrechter (Coventry University): Shakespeare – Early, Late or Posthumanist: The Case of Hamlet 5. Malgorzata Grzegorzewska (University of Warsaw): ‘Pictures like a summer’s cloud.’ The Phenomenology of the Visual in William Shakespeare’s Plays and on the Stage of the Contemporary Theatre 6. Petruta Naidut (University of Bucharest): Spectres of the Old World in the New 7. Christoph Ehland (University of Paderborn): The Laws of Piracy: Pirates as Messengers of Modernity in Thomas Heywood’s Fortune by Land and Sea 8. Herbert Grabes (University of Giessen): The Five Radical Modernizations of Long Modernity 9. Pat Rogers (University of South Florida): Modernity Then and Now 10. Francis O’Gorman (University of Manchester): An Alternative to Whig Modernity: An Analysis of Britain in the Long Eighteenth Century 11. Clifford Siskin (NYU): Literary History in the Long Modernity 12. Shobhana Battacharji (Jesus and Mary College, New Delhi): Modernity during the Long Romanticism: The Case of Byron 13. Jürgen Pieters (Ghent University): Literature and the Long Search for Modernity: The Counter-Histories of Antoine Compagnon and William Marx 14. Laurent Milesi (Cardiff University): Speeds of (Post)Modernity 15 Thomas Docherty (University of Warwick): Now, or to Tell the Truth, the Contemporary 16. Adrian Otoiu (University of Baia Mare): In the Wake of Finnegan? Wordplay in Malcolm Lowry and Flann O’Brien: Modernism as a Punceptual Dead End 17. Hans-Peter Söder (University of Munich): The Globe is Not Enough: In Defence of National Literature(s) 18. Linda Hutcheon (University of Toronto): Literature in the Long Modernity: Its Reception in the Digital Age 19. Alan Riach (University of Glasgow): Scottish Literature and Anglo-American Modernity: What Makes It New? 20. Eve Patten (Trinity College, Dublin): Modernity and Nineteenth-Century Ireland: The Making of a ‘National Reader’ 21. Isabel Oliveira Martins (The New University of Lisbon): Marianne Baillie’s View of Portugal or British Femaleness Abroad 22. Michael Hutcheon (University of Toronto): The Musical Modernism of Olivier Messiaen 23. Ludmila Volná (Charles University, Prague): Towards Indian Modernity and the Birth of Indian Writing in English: The Case of Rammohan Ray 24. Bogdan Stefanescu (University of Bucharest): Late (for) Modernity: Transition and the Traumatic Colonization of the Future of Postcommunist Cultures 25. Arleen Ionescu (University of Ploiesti): Hauntologies of Post-Joycean Modernity in Romanian Literature. Adrian Otoiu’s Coaja lucrurilor sau Dansând cu jupuita Notes on Contributors

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    Date de parution 2014-07-07
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    Collection Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft
    ISBN 13 978-90-420-3852-3
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