Julia Kelly, Stefano Villani, Alison Yarrington

Travels and Translations

Anglo-Italian Cultural Transactions

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    Edité par Julia Kelly
    Edité par Stefano Villani
    Edité par Alison Yarrington
    Editeur Rodopi - Brill
    Distributeur Association de Boccard

    This volume explores the fascinating interactions and exchanges between British and Italian cultures from the early modern period to the present. It looks at how these exchanges were mediated through personal encounters, travel writings, and translations, involving a variety of protagonists: explorers, writers, poets, preachers, diplomats and tourists. In particular, this book examines the understanding of Italy as a destination and set of locations, each with their own distinctive geographical character, during a period which saw the creation of the modern Italian state. It also charts the shifts in travelling activity during this period, from early explorers and cartographers, via those taking part in the Grand Tour in the 18th and 19th centuries, to more modern poet-travellers and blogging tourists. Drawing upon literary studies, history, art history, cultural studies, translation studies, sociology and socio-linguistics, this volume takes a cross-disciplinary approach to its rich constellation of ‘cultural transactions’.

    Alison Yarrington, Stefano Villani and Julia Kelly: Introduction Travellers and Travelogues Franco Marenco: Some New Bearings in Travel Literature Diego Pirillo: Voyagers and Translators in Elizabethan England: Richard Hakluyt, John Florio and Renaissance Travel Collections Werner von Koppenfels: Going South in Fact and Fiction: Two Early Anglo-Italian Travelogues Roberta Ferrari: ‘Under British Eyes’: Italy in Addison’s and Smollett’s Travel Writing Italian Geographies Sharon Ouditt: Real Tours and Sentimental Journeys: Henry Swinburne and William Beckford in Southern Italy Daniela Corona: S.T. Coleridge’s Colonial Gaze: Sicily in his Mediterranean Writing Owain J. Wright: Between Italy and Africa: British Perspectives on Nineteenth-Century Sardinia Francesca Pieri: ‘This is Tuscany, and Nowhere are the Cypresses so Beautiful and Proud’: D.H. Lawrence’s Travels to Florence, Scandicci and Volterra Luigi Cazzato: The Clash of the Two Cultures: North and South in W.H. Auden Appropriating Italy Xavier Cervantès: ‘Thou once great seat of Arms, thou Nurse of Heroes’: History and Romanitas in Early-18th-Century London Opera Librettos Christopher Thorpe: The Poetics of Travel in Byron and Shelley: Translating Italian Experience into Artistic Distinction Fabienne Moine: Italian Rewritings by Nineteenth-Century Women Poets: From Constructing a Community of Women to Creating a Place of Poetical Freedom Peter Vassallo: W.B. Yeats, Lady Gregory and the Cultural Appropriation of Renaissance Italy Textual Translation William T. Rossiter: Chaucer, Boccaccio, and Petrarch: Intralingual and Interlingual Translatio Niranjan Goswami: Translation as Transfer: Thomas Hoby’s The Book of the Courtier Selene Scarsi: Robert Tofte’s Two Tales, Translated out of Ariosto Stefano Villani: Italian Translations of the Book of Common Prayer Using Translation Barbara Schaff: ‘Andate a farvi benedire’ and Other Useful Phrases for the English Traveller in John Murray’s Handbooks of Travel-Talk Nick Pearce: ‘Directness, quaintness and squalor’: Aspects of Translation and Transformation in Franco Leoni’s Opera L’Oracolo Gloria Cappelli: Travelling Words: Languaging in English Tourism Discourse Stephen Orgel: Shakespeare all’italiana Notes on Contributors

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    Collection Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft
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