Isidore Diala

Syncretic Arenas

Essays on Postcolonial African Drama and Theatre for Esiaba Irobi

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    Edité par Isidore Diala
    Editeur Rodopi - Brill
    Distributeur Association de Boccard

    This collection in part examines the legacy of the consummate Nigerian stage artist and scholar, Esiaba Irobi (1960–2010). Poems, tributes, and studies celebrate Irobi’s significance as actor, playwright, director, poet, and theatre theorist. Irobi’s life, temper, times, and career are inextricably linked to the history, development, concerns, and uses of drama and theatre in Africa. The contributions highlight the evolution of autochthonous theatrical practices: the interaction between Western and indigenous African performance traditions; colonial/postcolonial government policies and the mutations of drama and theatre (and critical commentary); the tensions inherent in postcolonial conceptions of history, identity, nationhood, and articulations of alternative aesthetics, pedagogies, and epistemologies for postcolonial African theatre; staging African plays in the West; and the constituencies of the contemporary African playwright and director. The strength of these studies derives primarily from nuanced examinations of the concerns and careers of particular African playwrights; the history, offerings, and fortunes of particular theatrical arenas, and close explorations of specific performances and texts. The foregrounding of correspondences in the dramaturgies and intellectual ferment of the continent critically accentuates equally privileged regional, historical, and other crucial specificities. Situated in time and place while underscoring the political and intellectual intersections of a shared history of colonialism, the contributions to Syncretic Arenas, individually and collectively, reveal the transformations and growing strengths of postcolonialism as an analytical strategy.

    List of Figures Acknowledgements Helen Gilbert: Foreword Isidore Diala: Introduction Part One Olu Oguibe: Esiaba Irobi: The Tragedy of Exile Martin Banham: Esiaba Irobi: A Personal Note Georgina Alaukwu–Ehuriah: Esiaba Irobi and His Muse Erika Fischer–Lichte: Remembering Esiaba Irobi at the International Research Centre “Interweaving Performance Cultures” in Berlin, 2009–2010 Femi Osofisan: Esiaba Irobi: Death Does Not Kill a Song Tanure Ojaide: On My Birthday Biodun Jeyifo: Omonla: Your Like Will Never Be There Again – 7 Prose Poems/Haikus Benedictus Nwachukwu: Half a Century Death Obiwu: Madding Crowd Olu Oguibe: Seven Stations of the Cross Isidore Diala: Esiaba Irobi’s Legacy: Theory and Practice of Postcolonial Performance Henry Obi Ajumeze: Between Soyinka and Clark: The Dynamics of Influence on Esiaba Irobi’s Nwokedi Leon Osu: Eclipsed Visions: Esiaba Irobi Interviewed Part Two. Esiaba Alone and in Company: A Photo Gallery Christopher Balme: Theatre and Modernization in the First Age of Globalization: The Cairo Opera House Hein Willemse: Autobiography as Counter-Memory in The Orange Earth of Adam Small Don Rubin: Directing Politics: Soyinkan Parallels in the Works of Uganda’s Robert Serumaga Bhekizizwe Peterson: Afrika Cultural Centre: Phoenix Under Apartheid and Burnt Ember Under Democracy? Christopher Odhiambo Joseph: The Anxiety of Class in Kenyan Drama: A Reading of Boy’s Benta and Sibi-Okumu’s Role Play Anton Krueger: A Heritage of Violence: Paradoxes of Freedom and Memory in Recent South African Play-Texts Kene Igweonu: African Drama and the Construction of an Indigenous Cultural Identity: An Examination of Four Major Nigerian Plays Oluseyi Ogunjobi: The Creative Development, Importance, and Dramaturgy of Duro Ladipo’s Ÿba Kò So Temple Hauptfleisch: Critical Responses: The Evolution of the Theatre Critic in South Africa Christine Matzke: “I want to dialogue”: Chief Muraina Oyelami Talking O‹ogbo and Beyond Notes on Contributors

    Isidore Diala is Professor of African literature in the Department of English and Literary Studies at Abia State University, Uturu, and author of Esiaba Irobi’s Drama and the Postcolony: Theory and Practice of Postcolonial Performance (2013).

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