Simon Connor

Tutankhamun. Discovering the Forgotten Pharaoh

Exhibition Catalogue

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    Edité par Simon Connor
    Editeur PULg - Presses de l'Université de Liège
    Diffuseur Association de Boccard

    This book was designed as a guide to accompany the visitors of the exhibition Tutankhamun, discovering the forgotten pharaoh, organized by Europa Expo at the exhibition centre of the international TGV/HSR train station of Liège-Guillemins, from the 14th of December 2019 to the 30th of August 2020. The catalogue allows the public to contextualise its visit by exploring in greater detail a varied set of themes. At almost a century from the most resounding discovery in the entire history of archaeology, the exhibition aims, through an immersive museology and a narrative and pedagogical path, to disclose the cross-paths of Howard Carter and that young pharaoh he contributed to unearth from oblivion. The public is thus invited to learn more about Howard Carter's outstanding career, his stubborn quest for the tomb of Tutankhamun and the scientific exploitation of his discovery. Moreover, the exhibition will give an insight into the Egypt of Tutankhamun, where he grew up and later reigned, including the daily life customs, beliefs and artistic production in this turbulent period. Furthermore, the most recent progress in our knowledge of the child-king is considered through the perspective of cutting-edge technologies and methods of investigation, before concluding with the impact of this incredible discovery on art, archaeology and Egyptology, and the collective vision we now share of the pharaonic civilisation. The richly illustrated catalogue is structured around the various topics addressed by the exhibition, pointing out at the museographic choices that led to its creation. The book consists of a collection of more than 60 essays written by international experts, who disclose their most recent research and provide the reader with a fresh look at a series of well-known objects, while also taking into consideration several pieces on public display for the first time ever.

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    Date de parution 2020-06-05
    Nbr Pages Arabes 336
    Couleurs 1
    Collection Aegyptiaca Leodiensia
    ISBN 13 978-2-87562-245-7
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