Gonka Cankardes-Senol

Lexicon of Eponyms Dies On Rhodian Amphora Stamps. Volume 3

Eponyms L to S.

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    Auteur Gonka Cankardes-Senol
    Editeur CeAlex - Centre d'études alexandrines
    Distributeur Association de Boccard

    This work is the second in a four-volume lexicon of eponym dies stamped on Rhodian amphorae. It contains 1,550 matrices designating 78 eponyms whose names begin with the Greek letters Beta through Kappa. This volume represents a continuation of the matrix studies that began in 2003 in the rich Alexandrian collections of the Graeco-Roman Museum, particularly the Benaki Collection, and in finds from excavations. The volume contains stamps from excavations of Delos, Crocodilopolis/Arsinoe and other sites in Egypt as well as some previously published stamps from excavations sites in other Eastern Mediterranean consumption centres. In the matrix names, numbers do not refer to any chronological dating order. Under the title of each eponym, following some brief information (the eponymous year of the eponym, total number of matrices naming him, used/not-used month names and the names of the producers associated with him) the stamps naming him are presented, beginning with the dies accompanied by month-names (if applicable) in alphabetical order, followed by the dies without month names. In the fourth volume, appendices will contain lists with eponym-producer and producer-eponym associations in alphabetical and chronological order. Additional lists will refer to matrices of eponyms accompanied by fabricant matrices seen on the same amphorae and the matrices of secondary stamps accompanying the eponym dies.

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    Date de parution 2016-05-26
    Nbr Pages Arabes 396
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    Collection Études alexandrines
    ISBN 13 978-2-11-139024-9
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