Frédéric Constant

Le droit mongol dans l’État sino-mandchou (1644-1911)

Entre autonomie et assimilation

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    Auteur Frédéric Constant
    Editeur IHEC - Institut des Hautes Études Chinoises
    Diffuseur Association de Boccard

    This book provides a comprehensive description of legislation enacted by the Qing government for the Mongols and subsequent problems of enforcement. Relying on a wealth of legal sources ⸺including pre-conquest Mongol codes, Qing legislation, and administrative regulations and judgments rendered both at the central and local administration levels, Le droit mongol examines the interplay between the legal realm and crucial questions such as local autonomy, legal pluralism, political assimilation and center-periphery relation. The author argues that in crafting and enforcing legislation that was specific to the Mongols, the Qing emphasized the traditional legal approaches inherited from the Ming and earlier dynasties, leading to the gradual displacement of much of the indigenous Mongol legal concepts and procedures. Despite forceful efforts by the Manchu state to control and normalize the administration of the Mongol region, such that it became an extension of China proper rather than a protectorate entrusted to the local Mongol aristocracy, and despite the impact of Han Chinese immigration; nonetheless, Mongolian laws, principles, and judicial practices did not disappear altogether. The result was a multi-layered and hybrid legal system that integrated indigenous Mongol, traditional Chinese, and Qing dynastic legal traditions and practices.

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    Date de parution 2018-09-20
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    Collection Bibliothèque de l’institut des hautes études chinoises
    ISBN 13 978-2-85757-079-0
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