Damien Morier-Genoud, Anne Cheng

Lectures et usages de la Grande Etude

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    Dirigé par Anne Cheng
    Edité par Damien Morier-Genoud
    Editeur IHEC - Institut des Hautes Études Chinoises
    Distributeur Editions de Boccard

    Within the corpus of the Confucian scriptural canon, the Great Learning (Daxue in Chinese), which was originally a mere chapter of the Han Book of Rites and among the shortest at that, has certainly become one of the most frequently and widely commented texts in China and the whole of East Asia, both in time (over a millennium, roughly from the 11th century down to the modern era) and in space (it was the subject-matter of numerous and important exegetical works in Korea, Japan and Vietnam). It was the long and broad story of uses and abuses of such a short text that prompted an international conference held at the Collège de France which for the first time brought together experts from very diverse backgrounds, both in terms of cultural studies and of disciplinary fields of competence.

    Anne CHENG, Lectures et usages de la Grande Étude (Chine, Corée, Japon) : présentation générale Anne CHENG, Uses and Abuses of the Great Learning (China, Korea, Japan): A Foreword UN TEXTE CANONIQUE EN FORMATION THE FORMATION OF THE CANONICAL TEXT Thomas RÖMER, Canon and Authority: A Biblical Perspective LEE Chi-hsiang; trad. Béatrice L’HARIDON, Deux textes en un : une comparaison du « Daxue » dans le Traité des Rites et du Daxue dans le corpus des Quatre Livres Stéphane FEUILLAS, Sima Guang (1019-1086) et la Grande Étude : fragments d’une redécouverte et d’une redéfinition du confucianisme sous les Song du Nord Roger DARROBERS, La Grande Étude dans les mémoires de Zhu Xi adressés aux empereurs Xiaozong, Guangzong et Ningzong entre 1162 et 1194 Guillaume DUTOURNIER, Le Daxue chez Zhu Xi (1130-1200) et Lu Jiuyuan (1139-1193) : émergence et appropriations d’un Classique sous les Song LA GRANDE ÉTUDE APRÈS ZHU XI THE GREAT LEARNING AFTER ZHU XI Christian JACOB, Introduction Michael LACKNER, Mapping the Great Learning: Diagrams on the Daxue Frédéric WANG, Cui Xian (1478-1451) et le Daxue Bruce RUSK, Where the Truth Lies: Evidence and Argument in Late Imperial Debates about the Great Learning Thierry MEYNARD, The Translation and Interpretation of the Daxue in Europe: The Confucius Sinarum Philosophus (1687) LA CIRCULATION DE LA GRANDE ÉTUDE EN ASIE ORIENTALE THE CIRCULATION OF THE GREAT LEARNING IN EAST ASIA Martina DEUCHLER, The Great Learning in Korea Matthias HAYEK, The Great Learning in Japan John B. DUNCAN, The Taehak yŏnŭi chimnyak and the Politics of Confucian Learning in the Early Chosŏn Isabelle SANCHO, Encapsulating Neo-Confucianism and the Great Learning in Sixteenth-Century Korea: Yi Yulgok’s Outline of the Sagely Learning, Sŏnghak chibyo (1575) KIM Daeyeol, King Chŏngjo’s (r. 1776-1800) Reading of the Great Learning and His Political Perspective: Powerful Monarchy and Active Government W.J. BOOT The Great Learning in Medieval Japan 269 Peter KORNICKI, Presenting the Great Learning to the Public in Edo-period Japan ÉCLAIRAGES MODERNES ET CONTEMPORAINS MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ASPECTS Michel MASSON, Introduction CHUNG Yun-ying; trad. Damien MORIER-GENOUD, Un autre regard sur le confucianisme : les interprétations de la Grande Étude dans le confucianisme populaire et religieux du monde chinois depuis 1911 Sébastien BILLIOUD, Qi jia: The Great Learning Ideal of Family Regulation in a Contemporary Syncretistic Religious Context Thomas FRÖHLICH, Regulating, Governing, and Pacifying the Modern World: Optimism Regarding Civilizational Progress in Chinese Interpretations of the Great Learning in the 20th Century Fabian HEUBEL, Broken Continuity: Self-Cultivation and Democracy in Contemporary Neo-Confucianism Eddy DUFOURMONT, The Great Learning in Modern Japan (1868-present): An Ideological Weapon for Conservatism Bibliographie Liste des contributeurs Index général Texte chinois du Daxue dans l’édition du Liji

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