Charles De Jonviller, Max Engammare, Jean Calvin

Leçons ou commentaires et expositions sur les Revelations du prophete Jeremie (1565)

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    Auteur Jean Calvin
    Edité par Max Engammare
    Traduit par Charles De Jonviller
    Editeur Librairie Droz S.A.
    Distributeur Editions de Boccard

    "John Calvin gave 163 lessons on the Book of Jeremiah in the last years of this life. Calvin placed great importance in these texts, identifying with the solitary and often misunderstood prophet. To accompany the publication by Droz of the Latin texts, Max Engammare presents this critical reedition of Jonviller’s 1565 French translation. Analysis shows that Jonviller alone produced the translation from his own Latin notes, opening opportunities for him to blur the lines between translation and authorship.

    Book Broché
    Nbr Pages Rom XXII
    Nbr Pages Arabes 2066
    colors 1
    Collection Ioannis Calvini Opera Omnia
    ISBN 13 978-2-600-04717-3
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