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    Michel de l’Hospital wrote the twenty letters included in book two of his Carmina between 1546 and 1560. The letters trace his political rise and were destined to figures such as Henry II, Marguerite de France, and French Church, literary, and legal authorities. L’Hospital presents himself as a figure of ethical and moral authority, reconsidering his contemporaries in the light of Classical authors. He mixes legal and courtly satire with political, moral, and literary reflections, ranging from thoughts on the ideal ruler, judicial eloquence, and war, to considerations on the poet’s trade. This critical edition offers the original Latin text with accompanying French translation, historical and poetic analysis, and commentaries. An introduction, biographical notices of addressees, and place, name, and subject indices.

    Introduction Organisation du livre II Thématique et spécificités du recueil Carmina, lib. II II, 1 au cardinal de Lorraine II, 2 à Marguerite de France II, 3 à Jean Du Bellay II, 4 au cardinal de Lorraine II, 5 à Pierre de Mondoré II, 6 à Jacques Du Faur II, 7 à François Olivier II, 8 à Marguerite de France II, 9 au cardinal de Lorraine II, 10 à François Olivier II, 11 à Jean Du Bellay II, 12 à Pierre Crassin II, 13 sur la défense de Metz II, 14 à Henri II II, 15 à Marguerite de France II, 16 à Lancelot de Carles II, 17 à Salmon Macrin II, 18 à Charles de Marillac II, 19 au cardinal de Lorraine II, 20 à mes hôtes Abréviations Index des noms de lieux et de personnes"

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    Collection Travaux d'humanisme et renaissance
    ISBN 13 978-2-600-05830-8
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