Jan Pendergrass, Jean de Langeac

Letters and Papers

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    Auteur Jean de Langeac
    Edité par Jan Pendergrass
    Editeur Librairie Droz S.A.
    Distributeur Editions de Boccard

    Jean de Langeac, a French clergyman from Auvergne, was a prominent diplomat of international stature during the reign of King Francis I of France. He began his political career as a councilor in the Parliament of Toulouse in 1511 and, sometime around 1516, received appointment to the office of royal master of requests and, soon afterward, to the king’s Grand Council. Between 1516 and 1541, he performed no less than sixteen diplomatic missions to foreign states, including Portugal, Poland, Venice, Switzerland, Scotland, Spain, Ferrara, England and Rome. Étienne Dolet, a former secretary at the French embassy in Venice and author of a treatise On the Office of Ambassador, considered him an unparalleled model for all who engage in diplomacy. As a member of the Church, Langeac also administered well-endowed monasteries and served successively as bishop of Avranches and Limoges, whereby he assumed in matters of ecclesiastical governance a discreet, yet assertive role. This first edition of his Letters and Papers includes active and passive diplomatic correspondence, orations, mission reports and a variety of administrative documents ranging from financial records and form letters to certificates of tonsure. Its pages not only illustrate the general orientation of French foreign diplomacy during the early sixteenth-century, in particular with regard to Italy, but also afford insight into many of the mundane administrative duties incumbent on French royal officers and clergymen of that era.

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