Le "Policratique" de Jean de Salisbury, livre VI et VII

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    In spite of appearances, books VI and VII of the Policraticus are firmly united with each another. Even though book VI seems to begin with the expounding military strategy, and many anecdotes are a matter for metaphors concerning the human body, John of Salisbury nevertheless defends fortitude and virtue all along the book; the same theme is analyzed in book VII by referring to ancient philosophies, which are confronted to evangelic truth. In short, the metaphor of human body was nothing else for John than a way to show evidently the frailty of mental constructions that do not go beyond the strictly human point of view; he also proves the weakness of Henri II’s government and warns against deviations the very dedicatee of the Policraticus, Thomas Becket and, perhaps, even Henry II. All these notions are presented by the translator Denis Foulechat in his Policratique, on account of his own opinions and of Charles V’s ordering the translation, in Middle French, which deals more and more often with political, social and cultural realities.

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