Le métier de gouverneur dans l'empire romain

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    In each of the provinces constituting the Roman Empire the governor was without doubt the highest representative of the state. The aim of this book is to analyze all the aspects of the governor's work, going beyond his purely institutional functions. The study not only embraces a long chronological period, but also takes in all the provinces of the empire. After an introductory chapter dealing with the preliminaries before the governor arrives in the province, the study focuses upon the way in which the governor exercised his power : although his powers were quite wide ranging, specific rules were put in place to limit them. The four following chapters are dedicated to the essential functions of the governor : to dispensing of justice, maintaining order, guaranteeing the pax deorum and controlling the province through surveillance of the cities and the infrastructure. The last element of the study deals with the relationships that could be built up between the governor and his subjects, local aristocrats, common populace, officers and other representatives of the state, not to mention the governor's own social and client network, the influence of which could extend right across the empire. Notwithstanding all the governor's theoretical powers, on the ground the governor needed all his wits about him if he was to succeed in his task.

    TABLE DES MATIÈRES : REMERCIEMENTS ; INTRODUCTION ; Chapitre 1 : De la désignation à l’entrée dans la province ; Chapitre 2 : Pouvoirs et limites aux pouvoirs du gouverneur ; Chapitre 3 : Ressources allouées au gouverneur ; Chapitre 4 : Rendre la justice ; Chapitre 5 : Maintenir l’ordre ; Chapitre 6 : Préserver la pax deorum ; Chapitre 7 : Contrôler la province ; Chapitre 8 : À la rencontre des provinciaux ; Chapitre 9 : Un gouverneur sous influence ? ; Chapitre 10 : L’ombre de Rome ; CONCLUSION ; BIBLIOGRAPHIE ; INDEX DES SOURCES.

    Agnès Bérenger, ancienne élève de l’ENS Ulm, agrégée de lettres classiques, ancien membre de l’Ecole française de Rome, est actuellement professeur d’histoire romaine à l’Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3. Ses recherches portent sur l’histoire politique et administrative de l’empire romain.

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