Florence Malbran, Carole Roche-Hawley

Les archives d'Atta-Welgimmaš

Les textes dits « de Mâlamir »

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    Edité par Florence Malbran
    Edité par Carole Roche-Hawley
    Editeur Association de Boccard
    Distributeur Association de Boccard

    FThis study presents in as complete a manner as possible the so-called “Mâlamir texts”, including not only a full edition of the texts (each text with hand-copy, photographs, French translation in French and commentary) but also accompanying studies of the paleography, prosopography (especially for the scribes), “signatures”, and formulas contained therein. The corpus includes acts of partition, property withdrawals or restitutions, and sales contracts, as well as administrative accounts and records of court cases. These sixteen texts were first published by V. Scheil in 1902, and then again in 1930, along with other juridical texts discovered in the French excavations at Susa. The “Mâlamir” group, however, came from elsewhere; Scheil claimed that they had been brought to Paris by a Persian notable originally from the Mâlamir region. The texts very probably came from ancient city of Huhnuri at the modern site of Tepe Bormī. The texts constitute a homogenous corpus comprised of documents relating to the activities of a certain Atta-Welgimmaš and a woman frequently associated with him; both are involved in purchases and management of plots of land, orchards, and palm groves. The sworn oath to which these juridical texts allude mentions the name of a Kidinuite ruler which allows the dating of the corpus to the 15th century, during a period of transition which followed the SUKKALMAH Empire, to which latter period belongs the majority of the Elamite juridical corpus published to date.

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