Jashong King, Sylvain Janniard, Geoffrey Greatrex

Le monde de Procope

The World of Procopius

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    Edité par Sylvain Janniard
    Edité par Geoffrey Greatrex
    Avec Jashong King
    Editeur Editions de Boccard
    Distributeur Editions de Boccard

    This book draws together contributions from twenty specialists in Procopian studies. They throw interesting new light on a range of topics, concerning both the author himself and the world he inhabited. The volume is divided into four sections, covering 6th-century society, the past and present in Procopius’ works, Procopius and military history and his treatment of foreign peoples. From it emerges a well-rounded portrait both of the author and of the society in which he lived and wrote.

    Table des matières Introduction Procope et la société romaine / Procopius and Roman society Geoffrey Greatrex L’historien Procope et la vie à Césarée au vie siècle Marion Kruse Economic Thought and Ideology in Procopius of Caesarea Mark-Anthony Karantabias The Projection of Imperial Power in Procopius Johann Martin Thesz The Pathology of the Roman Empire: Social Transformation and Moral Degeneration in Procopius’ Secret History Maria Conterno Procope et l’histoire militaire / Procopius and military history Conor Whately Combat Motivation and Cohesion in the Age of Justinian Sylvain Janniard Procope, les Huns et les transformations tactiques de la cavalerie romaine au vie siècle Clemens Koehn Justinian στρατηγός Shih-Cong Fan Chiang Between facts, contexts, and traditions: Procopius’ description of women’s sufferings during wartime David Alan Parnell Procopius on Romans, non-Romans, and Battle Casualties Guillaume Sartor Les Lazes, des fédérés de l’Empire dans l’oeuvre de Procope Procope et les peuples étrangers / Procopius and foreign peoples Andreas Goltz Anspruch und Wirklichkeit – Überlegungen zu Prokops Darstellung ostgotischer Herrscher und Herrscherinnen Dariusz Brodka Die Zwangsläufigkeiten des Krieges: Prokop von Kaisareia und der weströmische Senat Geoffrey Greatrex Procopius’ attitude towards Barbarians Alexander Sarantis Procopius and the different types of northern barbarian Miranda E. Williams The establishment of Roman authority in Africa: Romans and Berbers in Procopius’ Vandalic War Index locorum Index of inscriptions Index of names, peoples, places Procopius and non-Chalcedonian Christians: a loud silence? 95 Le présent et le pa ssé da ns l’oeuvre de Procope / Past and present in Procopius’ works Jessica L. M. Moore Constructing “Roman” in the Sixth Century 115 Timo Stickler Prokop und die Vergangenheit des Reiches 141 Alanna Nobbs Digressions in Procopius 163 Giusto Traina The Armenian Primary History: a source of Procopius? 173

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    Date de parution 2018-07-27
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    ISBN 13 978-2-7018-0549-8
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