Les coutumes funéraires dans le royaume de Méroé

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    In Nubia, funerary archaeology has been a major source of information for the past century regarding the history of populations that lived in the Middle Nile valley. With only a few settlements investigated, apart from capitals and royal cities, the dead speak for the living. Despite looting and multiple reuses, thousands of graves offer valuable data for a region that grew between two worlds: Egypt and Mediterranean empires to the north, African continent and unknown territories to the south. In the Kingdom of Meroe, the last descendant of a central power born during the Bronze Age in the region of Kerma, burials provide evidences of a complex society, highly hierarchical and influenced by multiple cultures. We understand from corpses the life and the environment of individuals, while from funerary customs we find that local beliefs were often connected to Pharaonic society. Artifacts accompanying a body attest to the last rituals for the dead and help archaeologists understand commercial exchanges within the kingdom and abroad. Supported by a rich and original archaeological documentation, this study gives a detailed overview of religious practices in a kingdom marked by eight centuries of evolution.

    TABLE DES MATIÈRES LES ROYAUMES DE MÉROÉ Les sources Le contexte politique et historique La régionalisation du royaume LA PYRAMIDE ET SA CHAPELLE La pyramide : un symbole de royauté L’adoption de la pyramide dans la sphère privée La chapelle funéraire LE TUMULUS La superstructure tumulaire en Nubie Géographie tumulaire LES SUBSTRUCTURES L’infrastructure funéraire Les caveaux Les aménagements annexes LE RITUEL FUNÉRAIRE La religion funéraire La liturgie LE CORPS ET L’INDIVIDU Anthropologie funéraire CONCLUSION ANNEXE – RÉPERTOIRE GÉOGRAPHIQUE DES SITES FUNÉRAIRES MÉROÏTIQUES

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