Les Jafnides. Des rois arabes au service de Byzance (VIe siècle de l’ère chrétienne)

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    This book has its origin in a conference held in Paris in 2008 dealing with the Arab allies of the Byzantine Empire in the sixth century AD, and more specifically the Jafnid dynasty. Two of its outstanding figures, al-Ḥārith b. Jabala and his son al-Mundhir, were granted the highest honours of the Empire and their power far exceeded that of mere tribal chiefs. Because of divergences in interpreting the nature and role of the dynasty, it seemed necessary to make a fresh assessment of the state of our knowledge and of the different kinds of sources at our disposal. The eleven contributions in this volume tackle the question of the Jafnid dynasty from different angles making direct use of the sources, which are critically presented. They will certainly become essential references for further research about the Arab allies of the Byzantine Empire.

    TABLE DES MATIÈRES : Introduction ; Liste des communications présentées lors du colloque ; Mark WHITTOW, “Rethinking the Jafnids: New approaches to Rome’s Arab allies”  ; Maurice SARTRE, “Rome et les Arabes nomades : le dossier épigraphique de Eeitha”  ; William and Fidelity LANCASTER, “Concepts of tribe, tribal confederation, and tribal leadership”  ; Christian Julien ROBIN, “Ghassān en Arabie”  ; Geoffrey GREATREX, “Les Jafnides et la défense de l’Empire au VIe siècle”  ; Ariel LEWIN, “Did the Roman Empire have a military strategy and were the Jafnids part of it ?”  ; Pierre-Louis GATIER, “Les Jafnides dans l’épigraphie grecque au VIe siècle”  ; Greg FISHER, “Emperors, politics, and the plague: Rome and the Jafnids, 570–585”  ; Michaela KONRAD, “La frontière romaine au VIe siècle et le bâtiment dit « Praetorium d’al-Mundhir » à Rusāfa - Sergiopolis”  ; Hani HAYAJNEH & Mohammad I. ABABNEH, “The “God of the Ġs1n” in an ancient North Arabian inscription from the Harra region – northeastern Jordan”  ; Michael LECKER, Were the Ghassānids and the Byzantines behind Muhammad’s hijra”.

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