Britain's departure from Aden and South Arabia

Without Glory but Without Disaster

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    Edité par JONES Clive
    Editeur Gerlach Press, Gerlach Press
    Diffuseur Association de Boccard

    Britain’s hasty departure from Aden and South Arabia after 138 years has often been presented as a humiliation at best and a disaster at worst. London’s hopes of handing power and sovereignty over to a friendly federal regime collapsed in the face of a nationalist uprising backed that enjoyed the support of Egypt. Five decades after the final British troops left Aden, academic experts and former British officials directly involved in the events that unfolded critically reflect on British withdrawal from South Arabia, the postcolonial problems in South Yemen that still resonate today, and how the United Kingdom learnt from its experience in stabilising Oman while overseeing the formation of the United Arab Emirates.

    Acknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction: Humiliating Withdrawal or a Necessary Retreat? Reflections on Britain and South Arabia 50 Years on Clive Jones 1 The British Withdrawal from South Arabia John Ducker 2 Britain’s Security Response: Was the Protectorate Aden’s Shield or Achilles Heel? J. G. R. Harding 3 ‘Present Drift of Events Makes One Feel Extremely Embittered and Depressed.’: The British Exit from South Arabia Thanos Petouris 4 Breaking Promises and Betraying Friends? Reflections on the British Withdrawal from Aden Oliver Miles CMG 5 A Federal Panacea? British Policy and the Idea of a South Arabian Federal State, 1952-63 Joseph Higgins 6 The South Arabian Army – A Poisoned Chalice? Jonathan Walker Operation Salah al-Din: The Egyptian Intelligence Service and its Role in the Clandestine War against Britain in South Yemen Martin Jerret 8 Waiting for Labour: Alec Douglas-Home, Lyndon Johnson and the Challenge of South West Arabia, 1963-64 Tore T. Petersen 9 Between Withdrawal and Greater Engagement: The Aden Abandonment and its Impacts on British Policymaking towards Oman, 1968-72 James Worrall 10 Managing and Mismanaging Departure: The South Arabian Federation and the United Arab Emirates in Comparative Perspective Simon C. Smith 11 South Yemen after the British Helen Lackner

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