Applied Drama and Theatre as an Interdisciplinary Field in the Context of HIV/AIDS in Africa

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    Editeur du volume Barnes Hazel
    Editeur Rodopi - Brill
    Distributeur Association de Boccard

    Drama for Life, University of the Witwatersrand, aims “to enhance the capacity of young people, theatre practitioners and their communities to take responsibility for the quality of their lives in the context of HIV and AIDS in Africa. We achieve this through participatory and experiential drama and theatre that is appropriate to current social realities but draws on the rich indigenous knowledge of African communities.” Collected here is a representative set of research essays written to facilitate dialogue across disciplines on the role of drama and theatre in HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and rehabilitation. Reflections are offered on present praxis and the media, as well as on innovative research approaches in an interdisciplinary paradigm, along with HIV/AIDS education via performance poetry and other experimental methods such as participant-led workshops. Topics include: the call for a move away from the binaries of much critical pedagogy; a project, undertaken in Ghana and Malawi with people living with AIDS, to create and present theatre; the contradictions between global and local expectations of applied drama and theatre methodology, in relation to folk media, participation, and syncretism. Three case studies report on mapping as a creative device for playmaking; the methodology of Themba Interactive Theatre; and applying drama with women living with HIV in the Zandspruit Informal Settlement. The essays validate the importance of play in both energizing those in positions of hopelessness and enabling the distancing essential to observe one’s situation and enable change. The book stimulates the ongoing investigation of current practice and extends an invitation to further develop innovative approaches.

    Contents List of Illustrations Acknowledgements Introduction Setting the Scene Patrick Mangeni: Negotiating the Space: Challenges for Applied-Theatre Praxis with Local Non-Governmental/Community- Based Organizations in HIV/AIDS Contexts in Uganda David Kerr: HIV Communication: Global Emergencies, Media Templates, and African Communities (A Personal Journey) Innovations in Research Approaches Emelda Ngufor Samba: Appreciative Inquiry – An Alternative Approach to Applied Theatre Gordon Bilbrough: After the Curtain – Reframed: Using Action Research to Reflect, Monitor, and Evaluate the Applied-Theatre Experience Rebecca Ann Rugg: Collaboration as Research: Yale University, Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre, Clowns Without Borders South Africa, and People’s Educational Theatre Swaziland Nehemiah Chivandikwa: Participatory Theatre for Development as Action Research: Methodological, Theoretical and Ethical Challenges, Tensions and Possibilities with Specific Reference to an HIV/AIDS and Disability Project (2007–2010) Innovations in HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Diana Wilson and Karen Suter: The Lover and Another: A Consideration of the Efficacy of Utilizing a Performance Poetry Competition as Vehicle for HIV/AIDS Education Among Young Adults Selloane Mokuku: Do, Be, Do: Insights from ‘Rapid Cognition’ in a Theatre-Making Process Johannes Visser: Space and Involvement – Theatre in (a) South African Prison Innovations in Research Practice/Theory Alexandra Sutherland: Dramatic Spaces in Patriarchal Contexts: Constructions and Disruptions of Gender in Theatre Interventions About HIV Galia Boneh: This Is My Story: A Model for Creating Performance Engaging Artists and People Living with HIV/AIDS Kennedy Chinyowa: A Poetic of Contradictions? HIV/AIDS Interventions at the Crossroads of Localization and Globalization Jamie Lachman: Project Njabulo: Using Storytelling, Drama, and Play Therapy for Psycho-Social Interventions in Communities Affected by HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa – Pathways to Empathetic Locally Sustainable Care Innovative Case Studies Myer Taub: Dramatic Beading Remo Chipatiso: Evaluation of Applied Drama and Theatre in HIV/AIDS Interventions: A Case Study of Themba Interactive Tendai Mtukwa: Theatre as Border-Crossing Among Women Living with HIV: A Case Study of Zandspruit Informal

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    Date de parution 2013-01-01
    Nbr Pages Arabes 294
    Collection Matatu - Journal for African Culture and Society
    ISBN 13 978-90-420-3806-6
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