Antiochos III et l'Orient

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    The long reign of Antiochos III the Great represents a key moment for historians of the Seleucid kingdom. His anabasis (212-205 a. c.) temporarily restores the lost luster of the Seleucid monarchy in the most eastern provinces of the kingdom. But the reign is not limited to this military expedition alone, and the policy of Antiochos III is as multifaceted as the centrifugal forces threatening the Seleucid kingdom. To appreciate its variety, a colloquium held in Nancy brought together specialists from various disciplines and sources: greek philology, numismatics, epigraphy, assyriology, archeo-logy, Jewish studies... The resulting book provides a better understanding of the ambitious political vision of a sovereign who did not hesitate to play all the instru-ments, military, monetary, diplomatic or symbolic at his disposal to try to give back grandeur and coherence to the kingdom he inherited.

    Format Broché
    Nombre de pages
    Illustrations 1
    Collection Études anciennes de l'ADRA
    ISBN 13 978-2-913667-52-5
    Type Nom