Dutch Contributions to the Fourteenth International Congress of Slavists. Ohrid, September 10-16, 2008.

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    Editeur Rodopi - Brill
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    This volume contains articles by 17 slavists from the Low Countries. Although they are all about Slavic linguistics, they cover a wide range of subjects and their theoretical implications are often not restricted to slavistics alone. Most contributions deal with Russian or Slavic in general, but South and West Slavic are also represented. The reader who knows the strong points for which Dutch slavistics is traditionally known and appreciated will not be disappointed: s/he will find papers on syntax and semantics (Fortuin, Van Helden, Honselaar, Keijsper, Tribušinina), aspectology (Barentsen, Genis), philology (Veder), historical Slavic phonology and morphology (Derksen, Kortlandt, Vermeer), dialectology (Houtzagers, Pronk), the study of sentence intonation (Odé) and papers representing crossroads between these disciplines: philology and historical linguistics (Hendriks, Schaeken), aspectology and philology (Kalsbeek). Apart from its quality in the linguistic fields enumerated here, Dutch Slavic linguistics is known for its empirical approach: the main goal is to find explanations for linguistic reality. Theory is relevant inasmuch as it helps us to find such explanations and not for its own sake. Though each and every paper in this volume exemplifies this empirical attitude, it might be especially illustrative to mention that almost all authors who studied the larger contemporary Slavic languages made extensive use of language corpus resources, part of which were collected at the University of Amsterdam.

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