Beyond Boundaries. Textual Representations of European Identity.

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    Despite the recent growth in university courses on European Studies and Cultural Studies, and notwithstanding increasing public concern about questions of national identity within Europe, there is currently little material available which explores the diversity of European identities specifically within the context of European literary and filmic culture. In tackling ten novels, six plays, four films, three short stories, three books of travel writing and one diary, covering fifteen nationalities in all, the authors of this volume are seeking to fill this gap. The twelve essays contain detailed textual analysis embedded within a framework of cultural theory whose most celebrated reference points include Freud, Edward Said, Benedict Anderson and Homi Bhabha. This volume is aimed not only at specialists in identity studies and those concerned with the artistic landscape of a wider Europe - including Russia, the Balkans, Finland and Turkey. It will also interest those preoccupied with building an imaginative and imagined identity for Europe, an identity which might help to sustain it as a political entity and lend it greater popular legitimacy than it enjoys at present.

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    Collection European Studies - An Interdisciplinary Series in European Culture, History and Politics
    ISBN 13 978-90-420-1543-2
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