Hexagonal Variations. Diversity, Plurality and Reinvention in Contemporary France

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    Hexagonal Variations provides an essential overview of key debates about contemporary French society and culture. Concise, challenging and comprehensive, its chapters each address the processes of change and redefinition that characterise France today. Contributors analyse and situate cinematic, literary, online and visual texts, mediatic, political and everyday discourses, in each case pinpointing how diversity, plurality and reinvention inflect cultural and social evolution in France. The chapters in the collection share a key set of thematic concerns and raise topics for debate among scholars and students alike. Central to these are questions about France’s uncertain place and role in Europe and the wider world; the morphing topography of its capital; and the many conundrums posed by the persistence of Republican paradigms in a global environment. If France is no longer the exception, what are the versions and varieties of being French that are lived, thought and imagined in the new millennium?

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