Albert Camus in the 21st Century. A Reassessment of his Thinking at the Dawn of the New Millennium.

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    In the first decade of a new century, this collection of bilingual essays examines Camus’s continuing popularity for a new generation of readers. In crucial respects, the world Camus knew has changed beyond all recognition: decolonization, the fall of the Iron Curtain, a new era of globalization and the rise of new forms of terrorism have all provoked a reconsideration of Camus’s writings. If the Absurd once struck a particular chord, Meursault is as likely now to be seen as a colonial figure who expresses the alienation of the settler from the land of his birth. Yet this increasing orthodoxy must also take account of the reasons why a new community of Algerian readers have embraced Camus. Equally, once isolated because of his anti-Communist stance, Camus has been taken up by disaffected members of the Left, convinced that new forms of totalitarianism are abroad in the world. This volume, which ranges from interpretations of Camus’s literary works, his journalism and his political writings, will be of interest to all those seeking to re-evaluate Camus’s work in the light of ethical and political issues that are of continuing relevance today.

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