Chris Prentice, Vijay Devadas, Henry Johnson

Cultural Transformations

Perspectives on Translocation in a Global Age

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    Edité par Chris Prentice
    Edité par Vijay Devadas
    Edité par Henry Johnson
    Editeur Rodopi - Brill
    Distributeur Association de Boccard

    Contemporary global culture is inevitably culture in translation. It encompasses encounter, exchange, and transformation, disruption and the emergence of the totally new. Drawing on contemporary theorists in fields of cultural studies and postcolonial studies, this interdisciplinary collection of essays explores the functions of cultural translation in – and as – translocation. They analyze the uneven distribution of power and wealth alongside the unpredictable emergence of forms of agency in postcolonial and diasporic contexts, and in relation to the appetites of the global cultural and information economy. With diverse geocultural emphases, they refer to literature, film, television, electronic media, music, and other spaces of cultural gathering, collection, and performance. The essays span theoretical engagement and case study approaches, taking cultural materials and practices as objects, mediums, and agents of translocation. They contribute to vital contemporary debates about the politics of culture and peoples in translation. Contributors: Andy Barratt; Dan Bendrups; Diana Brydon; Vijay Devadas; Jacob Edmond; Alyth Grant; Philip Hayward; Henry Johnson; Mary McLaughlin; Brett Nicholls; Chris Prentice; Kate Roy; Simon Ryan; Paola Voci.

    Acknowledgements Illustrations Chris Prentice, Vijay Devadas, and Henry Johnson: Introduction Textual Translocations Diana Brydon: Earth, World, Planet: Where Does the Postcolonial Literary Critic Stand? Vijay Devadas: Affirming Diasporas as National Antinomies Mary McLaughlin: Australian Infernos: Janette Turner Hospital’s Translation of Dante’s Hell into Contemporary Australia Alyth Grant and Kate Roy: Between Mother Tongue, Grandfather Tongue and Foreign Tongue: A Turk in Translation Jacob Edmond: A Poetics of Translocation: Yang Lian’s Auckland and Lyn Hejinian’s Leningrad Musical Translocations Dan Bendrups: Fusión Rapa Nui: Mito Manutomatoma and the Translocation of Easter Island Music in Chilean Popular Culture Philip Hayward: Interactive Environments and the Context of Heritage: Culturally Engaged Research and Facilitation in Small-Island Societies Henry Johnson: Constructing an ‘Other’ from Your ‘Own’: Localizing, Nationalizing, and Globalizing Nēnēzu (Nenes) Visual Translocations Paola Voci: Rejecting Words: Illiteracy, Silence, and the Visual Chris Prentice: Integral Culture: Agora-Phobia at the Polynesian Cultural Centre Brett Nicholls and Andy Barratt: The Kumars at No. 42: The Dynamics of Hyphenation, or Did Sanjeev Take Parkie Down? Simon Ryan: Transl(oc)ating the Player: Are Some Computer- and Video-Game Players also Unpaid Workers in the Information Economy? Notes on Contributors Index

    All three editors teach at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Vijay Devadas teaches in the Department of Media, Film & Communication; his research is located at the intersections of media studies and critical theory. Henry Johnson is Professor in the Department of Music, and his teaching and research interests are in the field of ethnomusicology. Chris Prentice teaches Post-Colonial and New Zealand Literatures in the English Department; her research focuses on the politics of culture in decolonization.

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    Date de parution 2010-01-01
    Collection Cross/Cultures - Readings in the Post/Colonial Literatures in English
    ISBN 13 978-90-420-3003-9
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