Eric Robertson, Elza Adamowicz

Dada and Beyond

Volume 2. Dada and its Legacies

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    Edité par Eric Robertson
    Edité par Elza Adamowicz
    Editeur Rodopi - Brill
    Distributeur Association de Boccard

    International, iconoclastic, inventive, born out of the institutionalised madness of the First World War, Dada erupted in cities throughout Europe and the USA, creating shock waves that offended polite society and destabilised the cultural and political status quo. In spite of its sporadic and ephemeral character, its rich and diverse legacy is still powerfully felt nearly a century later. Following on from Dada and Beyond Volume 1: Dada Discourses, the sixteen essays in this collection provide critical examinations of Dada, placing particular emphasis on the ongoing impact of its creative output. The chapters examine its pivotal figures as well as its more peripheral protagonists, their different geographic locations, and the extraordinary diversity of their practices that included poetry, painting, printmaking, dance, performance, theatre, textiles, readymades, photomontage and cinema. As the book’s authors reveal, Dada not only anticipates Surrealism but also foreshadows an extraordinary array of more recent tendencies including action painting, conceptual art, outsider art, performance art, environmental and land art. In its privileging of chance and automatism, its rejection of formal artistic institutions, its subversive exploitation of mass media and its constant self-reconstitution and self-redefinition, Dada deserves to be seen as a cultural phenomenon that is still powerfully relevant in the twenty-first century.

    List of Illustrations Elza Adamowicz and Eric Robertson: Preface Dada Performance Jill Fell: Zurich Dada Dance Performance and the Role of Sophie Taeuber Catherine Dufour: L’Acte Dada Kerstin Sommer: ‘Dada is Dead – Long Live Dada’: The Influence of Dadaism on Contemporary Performance Art Dada and Cinema Jennifer Wild: Francis Picabia, Stacia Napierkowska, and the Cinema: The Circuits of Perception Kim Knowles: Patterns of Duality – Between/Beyond Dada and Surrealism: Man Ray’s Emak Bakia (1926) Ramona Fotiade: Spectres of Dada: From Man Ray to Marker and Godard Dada Cultures Dafydd Jones: The Location of Dada Culture: Revising the Cultural Coordinates Nadia Ghanem: Le Cabaret Voltaire en perspective Patrick Suter: Dada et la fonction écologique de l’art (à partir de Fountain de Duchamp) Dada Legacies Nathalie Roelens: Dans le sillage de Dada: Dubuffet, Michaux, Alechinsky et autres ‘périphériques’ Paul Cooke: The Critical Reception of René Crevel: The 1920s and Beyond Andrea Oberhuber: Enfants naturels ou filles spirituelles? À propos de quelques réflexions sur l’esprit de filiation Dada dans les pratiques ‘autographiques’ des auteures-artistes surréalistes John Goodby: ‘The Rimbaud of Cwmdonkin Drive’: Dylan Thomas as Surrealist Beyond Dada Olivier Salazar-Ferrer: Tararira de Benjamin Fondane et l’héritage subversif du Dadaïsme Alfred Thomas: Dada and its Afterlife in Czechoslovakia: Jan Švankmajer’s The Flat and Vera Chytilová’s Daisies Stephen Forcer: The Importance of Talking Nonsense: Tzara, Ideology, and Dada in the 21st Century

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    Date de parution 2012-01-01
    Nbr Pages Arabes 274
    Collection Avant-Garde Critical Studies
    ISBN 13 978-90-420-3589-8
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