Les muses secrètes. Kabbale, alchimie et littérature à la Renaissance

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    For the tenth anniversary of the death of François Secret (1911-2003), we are publishing in this book the proceedings of the day held in his honor in Verona in 2005. J.-P. Brach, D. Kahn, J.-F. Maillard, J.-M. Mandosio, and R. Gorris Camos have wished to pay tribute to this great Master and scholar who was an extraordinary pioneer and researcher in one of the rarest and most secret domains of Renaissance learning: hermetism and Christian cabbala. François Secret was the first to be able to unravel the complexities of Postel’s thought as well as the imbroglio of his manuscripts, by exploring the least frequented zones of Renaissance philosophy with humilitas and fervor typical of the Renaissance. In the words of Brach, Secret’s “research is for Christian cabbala what Scholem’s research has been for Jewish cabbala.” François Secret retraced the history of this movement; explored its problems and its eschatological and prophetic connotations as well as its ties to humanism, to philology and the study of languages, and to the translation and publication of the great texts of Jewish mysticism; and delineated the intellectual portraits of the great Christian cabbalists: from Pic to Reuchlin, from Ricci to Francesco Giorgio Veneto, and from Postel (the most important French representative) to La Boderie and Vigenère. The bundle of studies presented in this book on cabbala, magic, Postel, Postel’s disciplines and their poetry underpinned by the myths of their master, and alchemy is meant to be an homage to this man whose transparent smile was able to probe so many mysteries and rediscover so many authors and works that had remained poorly known for centuries.

    Table de matière / table of contents: Rosanna GORRIS CAMOS, « Les Muses Secrètes : pour François Secret (1911-2003) » ; Jean-François MAILLARD, « Littérature et kabbale avant Guillaume Postel et son école » ; Jean-Marc MANDOSIO, « Le De magia naturali de Jacques Lefèvre d’Etaples : magie, alchimie et cabale » ; Jean-Pierre BRACH, « Guillaume Postel et la ‘‘Sextessence’’  » ; Rosanna GORRIS CAMOS, « Le Séraphin et la Sibylle : signes célestes de L’Encyclie des secrets de l’Eternité au Cantique de la nouvelle estoile » ; Didier KAHN, « La question de la palingénésie, du pseudo-Paracelse à H. P. Lovecraft en passant par Joseph Du Chesne, Agrippa d’Aubigné et quelques autres ».

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