Hymnes ecclésiastiques (1578)

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    The orientalist Guy Lefèvre de la Boderie, who was long ignored or rather neglected, was also the author of several poetical works. His three main ones were published the same year in 1578. For some time now two of them have been available to modern readers. Here at last is the third one. Noting the huge success of the Huguenot Psalter, Guy wants to « go against the sirens’ deceptive song » by producing a French hymnal ; this involved translating a large amount of Christian hymns, a good number of which were already in the Breviary, together with many other ones capable of upholding the fervour of Catholic believers. So, while taking part in the strong revival of Christian hymnology that characterized the Renaissance, Guy wanted to put the numerous resources of French poetry at the disposal of hymnology and didn’t hesitate to experiment with new forms and metres. Moreover, convinced as he was of the persuasive power of « the sweetness of verse and song », he hopes that some clever musicians will devise a way of lending a soul to this poetry just as he gave it a body.

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    Collection Textes littéraires français
    ISBN 13 978-2-600-01701-5
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