Ursula Kirkendale

Hesiod's Theogony as source of the iconological program of Giorgione's 'Tempesta

The Poet, Amalthea, The Infant Zeus and The Muses

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Auteur Ursula Kirkendale
Auteur Warren Kirkendale
Editeur Casa Editrice Leo S. Olschki
Distributeur Editions de Boccard

Giorgione’sTempestahasbeen the most discussed enig-ma in the history of art, withover fifty different interpreta-tions, based largely on ancientliterary sources which werecompared, unconvincingly,with very few elements of thepainting. Hesiod’sTheogony,well known in Venice whenthe painting was made, ex-plains all of them, for the artist translatedthe poet’s words literally into visual im-ages, showing the shepherd Hesiod dur-ing the vision in which the muses consignto him a po ...