Pierre Marsone

Wang Chongyang (1113-1170) et la fondation du Quanzhen

Ascètes taoïstes et alchimie intérieure

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Auteur Pierre Marsone
Editeur IHEC - Institut des Hautes Études Chinoises
Distributeur Association de Boccard

The Quanzhen movement is the great movement of the religious revival in modern China. According to tradition, its founder, Wang Chongyang (1113-1170), had a vision of two immortals and later he converted seven disciples, Ma Danyang, Tan Changzhen, Liu Changsheng, Qiu Changchun, Wang Yuyang, Hao Taigu and Ma Danyang’s wife, Sun Buer who spread the movement throughout North China. Fifty years later, Quanzhen became the main religious movement in the country. Nowadays, the Quanzhen school still ...