Madeleine Bertaud

Enfin le royaume


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Auteur François Cheng
Edité par Madeleine Bertaud
Editeur Librairie Droz S.A.
Diffuseur Association de Boccard

This text explores the nostalgia for the happiness attributed to humanity’s Golden Age – spaces that writers have suggested did not disappeared, but continue to exist in a real, but distant, space. This study explores many of the varied and complex narratives concerning these territories, from the 1st century BCE writings of Horace on the Fortunate Islands to the exotic destinations offered by 21st century global tourism

François Cheng à la croisée de la Chine et de l'Occident

Colloque de Paris-Shanghai. Bibliothèque nationale de France, ADIREL, Université Fudan, 4 et 22 novembre 2011

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Dirigé par Madeleine Bertaud
Dirigé par Cheng Pei
Editeur Librairie Droz S.A.
Distributeur Association de Boccard

Born in China in 1929, François Cheng belonged to a scholar family. When he arrived in Paris at the age of 19, he did not speak French. Nevertheless, he soon decided to become a French writer and, even more, a French poet. Learning his second country’s language and western culture took him several decades. Nor did he forget any of his native background. A hard intellectual and spiritual process enabled him to master both and join them in an exceptional symbiosis. 31 years after his naturaliz ...