Jean-Michel Agasse

Une correspondance entre deux médecins humanistes


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Auteur Johann Crato Von Krafftheim
Auteur Girolamo Mercuriale
Edité par Jean-Michel Agasse
Edité par Concetta Pennuto
Editeur Librairie Droz S.A.
Distributeur Association de Boccard

Girolamo Mercuriale and Johann Crato were both well-known and well-connected physicians when they met in Vienna in 1573. They met only briefly, but maintained a regular correspondence until Crato's death twelve years later. Several of the letters included here are unpublished, and none have ever been translated into French. Medicine, politics and religion are, of course, discussed, but the nitty-gritty of life also appears in discussions of vacant positions and rivalries, polemics, court and ...