Jean-Louis Bacqué-Grammont

Deux regards ottomans sur Alexandrie

Alexandrie ottomane 2

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Auteur Evliya Çelebi
Auteur Piri Re’Is
Edité et traduit par Jean-Louis Bacqué-Grammont
Edité et traduit par Michel Tuchscherer
Editeur CeAlex - Centre d'études alexandrines
Distributeur Association de Boccard

Ottoman literature concerning Alexandria is less than plentiful, but it holds a certain interest. In a text devoid of all attempts at style, Piri Reis (ca. 1470-1554) gives a description of Alexandria’s two ports and the adjacent coastlines designed to be of use to sailors. The text of Evliya Çelebi (1611-ca. 1684) is entirely different. Taken from the tenth and last volume of his travelogue, this text blithely mingles precise information and descriptions with improbable anecdotes. These two ...