Jean-Claude Bessac

Les bâtisseurs des deux rives de la mer Rouge / Builders across the Red Sea

Traditions et innovations architecturales du IXe siècle avant J.-C. au VIe siècle après J.-C./ Ninth Century BC to Sixth Century AD

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Auteur Jean-François Breton
Avec Jean-Claude Bessac
Editeur CFEE - Centre français des études éthiopiennes
Distributeur Association de Boccard

From the beginning of the 1st millennium BC to the middle of the 1st millennium AD there has been continual and regular contact between South Arabia and Ethiopia (in the broadest sense). There have been periods of more intensive interaction, notably at the time of the kingdoms of Himyar and Axum, but commercial exchanges and population movements (involving farmers, artisans and stone cutters) have always formed a bridge across the Red Sea. Within this broader context, the present book will fo ...