Henri Estienne

Nundinarum Francofordiensium encomium

Éloge de la foire de Francfort. Ein Lob auf die Frankfurter Messe. Encomium of the Frankfurt Fair

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Auteur Henri Estienne
Edité par Elsa Kammerer
Traduit par Paul White
Traduit par Maria Anna Oberlinner
Traduit par Claudia Wienner
Traduit par Anne-Hélène Klinger-Dollé
Avant-propos de Alain Gründ
Avec Max Engammare
Editeur Librairie Droz S.A.
Distributeur Editions de Boccard

The fruit of Estienne’s admiration for the excellence of the artisans whose ‘genius’ secured for the Frankfurt Fair its international reputation, and especially for its ‘Academy-Fair of the Muses’, the Encomium was held up after the Franco-Prussian War as a banner for the lasting peace that would be brought about by world economic prosperity. Here it is presented in three new translations (French, German, English) and brought back to its first readers: the Frankfurt Council; a small group of ...