Frank Schulze-Engler

Transcultural English Studies. Theories, Fictions, Realities. ASNEL Papers 12

With editorial assistance from Claudia Perner and Christine Vogt-Will

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Edité par Sissy Helff
Edité par Frank Schulze-Engler
Editeur Rodopi - Brill
Distributeur Association de Boccard

What is most strikingly new about the transcultural is its sudden ubiquity. Following in the wake of previous concepts in cultural and literary studies such as creolization, hybridity, and syncretism, and signalling a family relationship to terms such as transnationality, translocality, and transmigration, ‘transcultural’ terminology has unobtrusively but powerfully edged its way into contemporary theoretical and critical discourse. The four sections of this volume denote major areas where ‘t ...