Chloé Ragazzoli

Du Sinaï au Soudan : itinéraires d'une égyptologue

Mélanges offerts au Professeur Dominique Valbelle

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Edité par Nathalie Favry
Edité par Chloé Ragazzoli
Edité par Claire Somaglino
Edité par Pierre Tallet
Editeur Association de Boccard
Distributeur Association de Boccard

From the Sinai to Sudan and from the Mediterranean to the fourth cataract of the Nile including the western desert and Thebes, Egyptologist Dominique Valbelle has studied Egypt in its entirety. She has worked on its core – in the village housing royal staff of the New Empire, Deir el-Medina and in the great roman temple of Medamoud, and she has led research on various royal and administrative institutions. On the fringes of Egypt, in the Sinai, she opened the Franco-Egyptian mission of Tell e ...