A. V. G. Betts

The military architecture of ancient Chorasmia (6th century B.C. - 4th century A.D.)


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Auteur G. Khozhaniyazov
Edité et traduit par S. Helms
Avec A. V. G. Betts
Editeur Programme Achemenet - Musée du Louvre
Distributeur Association de Boccard

Chorasmia was the northernmost of the oasis lands of ancient Central Asia. It lay about the delta of the Amu-dar'ya River, the classical Oxus, from which it derived its livelihood. Its isolation among the lands of the Eurasian nomads, together with the depredations of the Mongols, and after them the Timurid armies, has preserved a unique legacy of standing remains without parallel elsewhere in Central Asia. In no other place is the pre-Islamic military architecture of an entire land still vis ...